Curriculum Vitae - Dr.Georg Papaphilippou



Born in Athens, Greece 05.10.1948



graduated from German School of Athens



graduated from Medical school of University of Athens



got his specialisation in General Surgery from the Athens University, Medical School


1975- 1977

Military service as a Doctor


1975- 1980

Studied Homeopathy at the Athenian Homeopathic Center (Teacher: George Vythoulkas)


1980- 1995

worked as Homeopathic Doctor at the Center of Homeopathic Medicine in Athens, under the guidance of George Vythoulkas


1995- now

works in his own Homeopathic clinic in Athens He has participated in all G. Vythoulka's seminars held in Athens and Alonissos


Since 1988

he has been teaching Homeopathy in Germany. He has held Homeopathic seminars in Holland and England